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Mr Podhalicz / Castleford

This client is on the SVR with Barclays so his rate is 3.74%. He has been on this rate for the last 5 years after 2 years fixed ended. He wanted to raise £40,000 for home improvements and debt consolidation.

Mr & Mrs Trainer / Bolton

They have their current mortgage with Nationwide which is on the SVR of 3.99% so are naturally paying over the odds. Like most clients will automatically return to their existing lender and not comparing the market. Nationwide declined on affordability. They didn’t even offer them to reduce the LTV to obtain the clients a better rate. The Lender agreed in principle and then later declined at application; which resulted in the clients and whole chain in a panic.

Mr Curry / Liverpool

He was looking to buy a property for his parents to live in. The deposit is coming from his parents. The mortgage will be paid by Paul but his parents will oversee the bills. He wanted to go down the regulated BTL route meaning a rate of 3.15% variable for 2 years and payments would be £433pcm.

Mr & Mrs Madarasi / Hemsworth

They were next time movers and looking for a 95% mortgage. As far as they were aware their credit was fine. The mortgage in principle referred due to a default registered in 2013 and was satisfied. When queried the default was caused by an error with a PPI claim within Barclays. Barclays would not remove the default and this could scupper their chances of a 95% mortgage and the property chain to fall completely.

Mr & Mrs Lee / Pontefract

Mr & Mrs Lee were looking to re-mortgage and fix their rate They were currently on a Tracker rate. They consolidated £28,495 of debts, the debts and mortgage were costing them £1455pcm.

Mr & Mrs Collins / Manchester

Mr & Mrs. Collins who were looking to re-mortgage their property to capital raise £90,000 to repay some unsecured debt. They were currently with Nationwide and like lots of our clients will automatically return to their mortgage lender. Nationwide declined stating the new mortgage was unaffordable.

Mr & Mrs Jones / Skipton

Karen and Scott wished to re-mortgage to fix their rate which is currently on Standard Variable rate & raise £40,000 to consolidate some unsecured debts. These debts were costing the clients £1,350pcm.